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27 years ago, I entered the picture frame manufacturing industry as the General Manager of Nuframe Technology and Design. The Nuframe design was a modular line that bridged the gap between the finished corner and cut-and-join worlds. While at Nuframe, I successfully relaunched the company using the first ever-series of fashion ads to grace the picture frame industry trade magazines. This higher profile allowed for the expansion of the line and I seized the opportunity to explore new and unique finishes. The most successful of these was a textured and dusted granite-look (which was well ahead of its time back in 1991!). it was this finish that allowed me to step into the finished-corner picture frame industry. 

The parent company of Nuframe was Regence Picture Frames; a well-known and well-respected finished corner, gold leaf picture frame manufacturer of exceptional, high-quality products. When the granite finish proved so successful for Nuframe, I was tasked with creating a granite architectural line of closed-corner picture frames for Regence. This wholly original line proved so successful, that I was handed the reins of the company within five years of joining Nuframe. And thus I found my niche. 

Over the next 16 years, I was able to reposition Regence as the most progressive finished-corner picture frame company in the industry. Building on the already stellar reputation that Joel "Gogo" Litvak had cultivated with his French-, Spanish, and Italian-influenced designs. I tapped into the inherent creativity of the Regence legacy and started creating 'outside the box', Rope cap corner designs, the *original* Rustic Elegance finishes (Bronzino, Rosewood, Mora, Pino, and Banya), Sgrafitto 2.0 and Lauren's Garden (the first closed-corner line to appear on the cover of Decor magazine!) all followed and placed Regence as the most original of the high-end, hand-crafted picture frame companies. It was also during this time that I cultivated friendly working relationships with a number of other goldleaf picture frame manufacturing companies. 

I have long been a believer that competitors should respect each other and work together whenever possible. Because I had cultivated an industry reputation as a "never say no" kind of guy, I found it necessary to work with friendly competitors on many an occasion. I long-held that it's better to have 50% of something than 100% of nothing. These special projects allowed me to learn the strengths and limitations of each of the companies on this level of the industry. I also formed some great and lasting relationships with many of my fellow manufacturers. 

In 2009, Regence Picture Frames was sold to AMCI. Over the next 3 1/2 years I was able to travel the nation on behalf of the new combined AMCI-Regence. Visiting the frame shop and gallery owners was inspiring and informative. I learned firsthand what they wanted and needed from their vendors. In response to many of these meetings, I created the Brass and Zinc metal leaf finishes and added Olivewood to the Rustic Elegance woods line because my clients needed more options. The company also implemented a more customer-friendly corner sample program. 

Having accomplished all I could are AMCI- Regence, I moved on to APF-Munn in 2012 as National Sales Manager. This was my most challenging move yet as Munn and APF were industry legends. These were the two companies that set the bar for the rest of us since their separate inceptions in the 1950s. The combined line is incredibly extensive and a treasure trove of framing history. It was here that I learned about true period frames. It was also a study in modern construction methods. And, finally, it was in this position that I fully honed my ability to advocate for my customers. 

And now I'm putting my 27 years of talent, experience and sensibility to work for my customers. Let me help you match your special project or frame order to the right closed-corner manufacturer. Let me help you design that frame for your best customer. Let me advocate for you with the manufacturer. Let me put my know-how to work for you!